Introducing Grip Tight Tape

Guaranteed not to slip

Extra Wide Cut

Each roll features a wide 2” cut so you don’t have to use as much. 

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About Us

Christian Lucero

I went 6 years into my career having never found a reliable brand of finger tape. Everything I tried was either too thin, too stiff, not sticky enough, not the right size, and just when I would think I had found the perfect roll it would turn out to be some random unmarked roll. I was stuck in a never ending battle to try to find a "go to" brand of tape that I could trust would stay on my fingers when i needed it most, deep into a snatch ladder or high volume gymnastics work. So I decided to make my own. Born out of necessity. We give you the first product that we are confident will stay on, no matter where you put it, whether you are going for a new snatch PR on the national stage, going for a max set of muscle ups in your garage gym, or about to make the game winning shot in your local rec center pick up game.

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