Thumb Tape Thumb Tape
Thumb Tape from $7.50 $22.50
Elevate your fitness game with GRIPTIGHT Thumb Tape. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, our proprietary blend/weave provides superior hand protection, preventing raw or blistered hands that could hinder your progress.
GT Sleep Strips GT Sleep Strips
GT Sleep Strips $19.99
Experience restful nights with our GRIPTIGHT Hypoallergenic Sleep Strips, designed to reduce snoring and enhance sleep quality. These GT strips offer: Full mouth coverage: Ensures effective snoring reduction. Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly adhesive: Gentle on sensitive skin. Cotton and spandex blend: Elastic and breathable woven medical-grade fabric. Flexible design: Accommodates all facial shapes and works with beards. Enjoy a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep with our custom built sleep strips.
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