Thumb Tape

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GRIPTIGHT Tape, the flagship product of our store. Nothing is worse than using a product that cuts off circulation, doesn't move with your body, or flat out does not accomplish the simple job that you need it to when you need it.

The custom blend of material and individual fiber weave make for the perfect amount of coverage and stretch without interfering with the precision required when lifting heavy weights, doing high skilled gymnastics movements, or any high intensity interval training.

Our proprietary combination of adhesive gives you the security and comfort to know that your tape will be there when you need it most. Extra tacky so that you can focus on the task at hand and not if your tape is going to fly off your finger halfway through.

It's simple to apply for quick and easy application. No messing around with scissors or any tools, just peel, wrap, and press. Thats it!

Each roll has a generous 2 inch wide cut to allow for the perfect application to raw thumbs, torn calluses, tweaked fingers, and sore wrists. On top of that each roll measures 22.5 feet long which can last you up to 25 workouts per roll.

Available in multiple quantities and bundles.